When you or someone you love has been accused of a crime, this is not the time to find a good deal by hiring an amateur or representing yourself. The outcome of any criminal case, whether it is a DUI or a violent offense, can affect you for the rest of your life.

Even if jail time is not on the line, you could be left with a permanent criminal record that makes it difficult if not impossible for you to ever get a good job. A criminal record can also jeopardize your right to see your children, among many other major consequences.

Do your research and hire a good attorney who has what it takes to protect your future. How can you tell whether a lawyer is good? Review their credentials and their track record. Has the lawyer successfully handled cases like yours before? Has he or she handled jury trials? Has he or she won jury trials?

Not all attorneys have the skills or the confidence to take your case to court — and even if you don’t plan on going to trial, you can benefit from a lawyer who does work in court.

Trial attorneys have an edge in negotiations with prosecutors because the prosecutors may want to avoid trial.

You might also consider putting a Criminal Law Specialist on your side. A select group of criminal defense attorneys have been certified by the Minnesota State Bar Association as specialists. Less than 3 percent of attorneys practicing in Minnesota have achieved this distinction.

Our founding attorney John J. Leunig is a certified Criminal Law Specialist. He is a highly skilled trial lawyer who once won five straight acquittals in Hennepin County, three rape cases, a murder case and an assault case. He has also achieved back-to-back jury acquittals in sexual assault trials.

When your future is at stake, it is time to invest in a well respected attorney who has the qualifications and track record that can give you confidence.

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