Domestic Violence

Law Enforcement Takes Domestic Violence/Domestic Assault Seriously

It’s a mistake to assume that domestic violence/domestic assault charges are not a serious matter. Do not rely on the state dropping the charges if the alleged victim retracts his or her story or does not want to pursue the case. The state will most likely decide to prosecute you anyway. We have defended countless domestic violent assault crimes, so we know how the court handles these types of cases. As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we understand how serious the consequences of a conviction for domestic violence are. If you are convicted, you could go to jail or prison, be fined thousands of dollars and be banned from owning firearms. In addition, having a domestic violence conviction on your record will limit your opportunity to get certain jobs, housing, financial aid and more.

We will carefully investigate the case against you, review the discovery, interview witnesses and examine the alleged crime scene when necessary. We will also determine whether factors such as self-defense are involved and we will challenge the admissibility of the state’s evidence when that is warranted. You can rely on us to be thoroughly prepared and ready to execute skillfully in the courtroom. Call the Law Office of John J. Leunig today for strategic, aggressive representation.

Domestic Abuse And Restraining Order Violations

In Minnesota, domestic violence can be committed between people in the same household, parents and children, current and former spouses, blood relatives, people who share a child and people in a romantic relationship. You do not have to live with someone for it to be considered domestic violence/domestic assault.

The issuance of an order for protection (restraining order) is common in a domestic assault case. We can represent you if one has been taken out against you. Usually, orders for protection start out as temporary, but can be enforced for up to two years and sometimes longer. While an order for protection is in place, your right to possess firearms will be affected and other conditions can be placed on you as well. We will represent you in court on these matters and vigorously protect your rights.

You should not violate an order for protection. You can be charged with a misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor or felony, depending on the specifics of the offense. These charges will be separate from the domestic violence charges, with penalties of their own. If you violate an order for protection, you will likely go to jail until a hearing can be arranged. If you are charged with domestic assault, violation of an order for protection or any other charge, contact The Law Office of John J. Leunig to set up a meeting to discuss your case and start preparing your defense.

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