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Federal Criminal Defense From An Experienced Trial Lawyer

Why are federal charges so much more serious than state charges? Both can be very serious, life-changing matters. When you are facing federal charges, however, you are fighting the federal government, which has nearly limitless resources to investigate and prosecute you. Federal court also has different deadlines and procedures than state court. Your lawyer must be familiar with federal court procedures. You can count on our experience in this distinct area of criminal law. With 30 plus years of legal experience, our founding attorney has handled countless federal cases successfully. Call The Law Office of John J. Leunig at 952-540-6800 today to find out how we can help you with your federal charges.


In the following successful case, we kept our client out of prison:

“My client faced federal charges involving one of the largest marijuana growing and distribution operations in the state. We reached a resolution that kept the client out of prison and let him serve his sentence on electronic home monitoring with work release.” – Attorney Leunig

The Federal Offense Difference — Why You Need Us In Your Corner

Federal crimes also typically have harsher penalties than state crimes. Many have mandatory minimum sentencing requirements, which means the judge cannot impose less than the minimum. You do not want to spend years in a federal prison. We will use our experience and skill to fight for a better outcome.

The following offenses are often charged as federal crimes:

It takes a skillful, aggressive attorney to fight federal prosecutors. We are known for our strategic yet aggressive defense, filing motions and making the prosecution prove its case every step of the way. We may be able to negotiate a favorable settlement. If your case goes to trial, we will fight hard for you in the courtroom. Our skill as trial attorneys is well-respected throughout our legal community. We build a strong defense and then execute it flawlessly in the courtroom.

Contact Us As Soon As You Think You Are Under Investigation

Some federal crimes are investigated for months. We can get started immediately and perhaps prevent the case from moving out of the investigative stage. Call us as early as possible to protect yourself. Please call our Minneapolis area office 24/7/365 at 952-540-6800 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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