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Sex crimes are extremely serious.

They are among the most harshly prosecuted cases in the criminal justice system.

If you’ve been convicted of a sex crime, we’re not going to sugar coat it. You’re in serious trouble but we can help you out and you will get through it.

These cases are difficult to handle, but we’ve helped many people in your shoes and will fight aggresively for you.

No one should go into a courtroom in a case of this magnitude without a sex crime attorney who has the skill, experience and fortitude to handle these difficult-to-defend cases. John J. Leunig is one of those sex crime attorneys.

Regardless of whether you are guilty or innocent, you will need an experienced, aggressive sexual assault lawyer to protect your rights. Quite often, the presumption is that people accused of sex crimes are guilty, so these cases need to be handled with extreme care by a sex crime attorney who understands the nuances and pitfalls that pervade them. Contact The Law Office of John J. Leunig today to ensure that you have an experienced and aggressive sexual assault lawyer in your corner.

A Sex Crime Attorney Can Protect You

I understand that you’re a good person who just got caught up in something.

But it is not unusual for sex crime cases to go to trial.

Due to their serious nature and the public attention they get, these cases are difficult to negotiate, so it is often the case that 12 jurors hold the fate of the client in their hands.

I am a passionate, skilled trial attorney with 29 years of experience and dozens of jury trials under my belt.

I am also a Criminal Law Specialist certified by the Minnesota State Bar Association, which puts me in a very select group of criminal defense attorneys who have gained that distinction. You can rely on my vast experience in and out of the courtroom when you hire me as your criminal defense attorney.

I don’t blindly accept the prosecution’s version of the facts. Rather, I work with investigators, doctors and experts in areas such as forensics, DNA, psychiatry and psychology to put together an intelligent and compelling narrative that counters the prosecutor’s version of events and raises reasonable doubt.

I work hard to tell your side of the story and present the facts while challenging the admissibility of sex crime evidence whenever possible.

Violent sex crimes, rape, sexual harassment, sexual assault, internet sex crimes and offenses involving minors have severe penalties that often include lengthy prison sentences and long periods of probation. If convicted, you may also be sentenced to sex offender registration nationally and to Minnesota’s predatory offender registration. Sex offender registration can affect the rest of your life, making it difficult to find work or housing.

Our goal, as a sexual assault lawyer, is to do everything possible to minimize any consequences. We will work to get sex crime charges, such as rape or sexual assault, reduced or dismissed when possible and take the case to trial if necessary. Our many successes in handling these most serious of cases are the result of solid investigation, meticulous preparation and intelligent execution at trial. Some of our many acquittals and successfully negotiated settlements can be found in the case victories area of this site, but we invite you to meet with us in person, at no charge, to discuss how we can help you or a loved one forge out a winning defense.

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