GavelFirm attorneys John Leunig and Justin Duffy recently successfully appealed a client’s DWI conviction, resulting in reversal of the conviction.

The client had initially proceeded to trial in his case with a different firm defending him and was subsequently convicted of two counts of Gross Misdemeanor Third Degree DWI. He then hired The Law Office of John J. Leunig to challenge the convictions at the Court of Appeals. Because he worked as a semi-truck driver, this conviction also resulted in loss of his commercial driver’s license, and thereby his livelihood.

The attorneys at The Law Office of John Leunig filed a petition challenging the loss of the client’s license, which was litigated against the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office. The firm also filed an appeal with the Minnesota Court of Appeals. The firm was able to quickly secure the return of the client’s commercial driving privileges before a hearing was even held on the matter when the Attorney General’s Office conceded the issue and agreed that our client’s driver’s license had been wrongfully revoked. This allowed the client to get back to work after minimal downtime, rather than being unable to work for the duration of what would have been a one year loss of license.

The firm then turned its efforts to the Court of Appeals where it was argued that the prosecutor had not presented sufficient evidence to legally convict the client at trial. The firm submitted two lengthy briefs and also engaged in oral arguments before three judges of the Minnesota Court of appeals.

After consideration of the written and oral arguments submitted by the parties, the three judge panel of the Minnesota Court of Appeals unanimously ruled in favor of the firm’s client and agreed that the prosecutor failed to present sufficient evidence for the conviction to be legally valid.

As a result, the client’s conviction was reversed and he was acquitted of the charges. The attorneys at The Law Office of John Leunig were able to vindicate his constitutional rights and succeeded where the client’s previous attorney had not.

This is just one example of the intelligent and aggressive advocacy provided by the attorneys at The Law Office of John J. Leunig. The firm employs this same vigor and creativity in every single case it defends. If you or a loved one are facing charges for DWI or any other criminal offense, or are considering an appeal, call The Law Office of John J. Leunig, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 952-540-6800 for a free consultation.

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