When allegations of sexual assault arise, life may instantly change for those who have been accused. Sexual assault and similar offenses carry a social stigma that can result in job loss, make it very difficult for people to secure a new position and cause other problems for them in the community. For example, a person who has been accused of sexual assault may lose some of their close friends or find themselves in the middle of a divorce. Unfortunately, some people are falsely accused of sexual assault in Minneapolis, and cities across Minnesota, and face harsh penalties as a result of the lies.

A woman who is employed at a football stadium claimed that five football players sexually assaulted her in early September. Because of the allegations, the players were prohibited from participating in home games and had restraining orders taken out against them. However, none of the players faced charges or were taken into custody over the reported assault.

At a recent court hearing, the restraining orders were dismissed following an agreement between the woman and the football players. While the players could be able to play home games in the future if their college gives the green light, they are required to avoid having contact with the woman and coming within 20 feet of her.

From restraining orders and a damaged reputation to arrest and time behind bars, sexual assault charges carry harsh consequences. For some people, addressing the allegations may seem difficult. In such cases, speaking with an experienced attorney may be a smart move.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “Gopher Football Players, Victim Reach Settlement In Assault Case,” Nov. 2, 2016

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