In the criminal justice system, people are innocent until proven guilty. In the court of public opinion, nothing could be further from the truth.

When you are accused of a crime, especially one that is violent or sexual in nature, you can be publicly branded a criminal almost instantly. Even if you are never convicted, your reputation will be under attack. False accusations are especially harmful for college students.

The University of Minnesota and other colleges are facing pressure to crack down on sex crimes. With the statistics stating one in five women are sexually assaulted during college floating around, universities are obligated to take all allegations seriously. Unfortunately, this can lead to tunnel-vision and devastating consequences for college kids who are wrongly accused.

The Daily Beast recently discussed the case of a male student who was accused of sexually assaulting another male student. He maintained his innocence, but because of his university’s aggressive investigation, he was forced to come out to his parents under the circumstances of an alleged rape.

The student said he was branded a rapist by his peers and suspended for the incident. He suffers from insomnia and depression and does not believe his college handled the investigation properly.

More than 100 colleges are currently under investigation by the Department of Education for mishandling sexual assault cases.

When students are accused of sexual assault on campus, they are likely to face not only criminal charges but also investigations conducted by their colleges. While the criminal charges are daunting enough, university disciplinary processes have inflicted severe depression and PTSD even on students who are later exonerated.

What Can You Do To Help Your Child?

If your child has been accused of rape or sexual assault on campus, call an experienced criminal defense attorney now. Your child needs an attorney even if you are confident that he or she is not guilty.

A skilled lawyer will guide your child through the disciplinary process and the legal progress, protecting his or her rights and working hard to limit the consequences of the accusations. The college is not on your child’s side. Your child needs an attorney.

If your child is a student in Minnesota or Wisconsin, attorney John J. Leunig can answer your questions free of charge. He is an award-winning criminal defense attorney with over 25 years of experience. Call his law firm now at 952-540-6800 or complete the online contact form to schedule your free consultation.

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