When it comes to assault charges, every case is different. Unfortunately, some people find themselves wrongfully accused of assault, while others may face harsh penalties over an incident that was blown out of proportion. In Minneapolis, and every other Minnesota city, it is absolutely essential for those who are facing legal challenges over these types of lies to put their best foot forward in court.

Law enforcement officials are investigating an incident that recently occurred in St. Cloud. Authorities say that a man was struck in the head by a 21-year-old bar worker. Witnesses claim that the man had to be forcibly removed from the bar due to excessive intoxication and smoking indoors. Moreover, a security guard is accused of throwing the patron to the ground, causing him to sustain a head wound.

Officials say that they were informed of the alleged attack at roughly 2 a.m. and found the victim, who was later transported to the hospital, lying unconscious with blood coming from his head. The 20-year-old security guard accused of assaulting the man was apprehended and charged with third-degree assault.

From a lengthy prison sentence to harsh penalties and a shattered reputation, those who are charged with assault may have a number of difficulties moving forward, even if the accusations are false. Because of the serious nature of assault charges, people who are unsure of how to handle these accusations should fully commit to identifying the best course of action. Sometimes, a legal professional who has handled many assault cases can provide helpful advice.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “St. Cloud Bar Employee Arrested On 3rd-Degree Assault Charges,” Jan. 23, 2017

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