When someone is charged with driving while intoxicated, a number of factors must be taken into consideration. Sometimes, drivers are subjected to invalid blood alcohol content tests or unlawful traffic stops. Moreover, some cases involve exaggerated details that can have a significant impact on those facing charges. In Minneapolis, and cities all over Minnesota, drivers who are dealing with these charges should carefully assess the individual details of their situation.

Earlier in the year, a 49-year-old football coach was charged with driving under the influence in Minnesota. In August, the coach pleaded guilty to careless driving, according to court records. He was initially taken into custody in May and the team reportedly took disciplinary action against him following the incident.

Law enforcement officials allegedly stopped the coach over after he repeatedly failed to use his turn signal. Furthermore, police records claim that the coach had a BAC level of 0.11 when he was arrested. Authorities charged the man with fourth-degree DWI.

On top of steep fines and time behind bars, DWI charges can impact those facing allegations in many other ways. For example, someone in this position may lose their job or be unable to find work in the future due to their record. Additionally, some people charged with drunk driving may suffer irreparable damage to their reputation, losing clients or even friends. Because of the serious nature of these charges, people struggling with this firsthand should closely examine their situation and figure out the most sensible path forward. For some, speaking with an attorney has provided valuable insight.

Source: Grand Forks Herald, “Court records: Vikings coach arrested for drunken driving,” Oct. 18, 2016

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