Kidnapping is not a common occurrence in Minnesota but it happens often enough. The police in Mille Lacs County believe that they have taken into custody a man who is guilty of violent crimes, including kidnapping by holding someone involuntarily. He is also charged with stalking and fifth-degree drug possession.  

The allegations on which the arrest is based are bizarre. The victim is a woman who was reportedly leaving the Grand Casino in her vehicle. She stopped her car near the casino to rest before driving. The accused 37-year-old man allegedly jumped into the front passenger seat and told her to drive because he had just stolen a wallet, according to arrest papers.

The man stuck something in the woman’s side as he directed her where to drive. They ended up at a residence where he made her sit in the living room while he played with a large folding knife. After two hours, they left the residence. The man told her to drive to Braham, but he reportedly fell asleep in the car.

While he slept, she drove to Mille Lacs County, where she returned to the Grand Casino and sought help, according to police papers. She called 911, and the Tribal Police officers arrived and arrested the man while he was sleeping. Police say he was wanted on multiple warrants. Police say they found a small amount of methamphetamine on the man.

All things considered, the reported facts of these alleged violent crimes under Minnesota law are bizarre and raise questions that defense counsel will investigate in developing a strategy for case. For one thing, it does not appear that the man had any motive for holding the woman, based on the police indictment. He held her, but there was no request for ransom and no complaint of torture or sexual demands. There was also no report of terrorizing or physically assaulting the victim. His sleep indicates lack of criminal intent, and her drive back to the casino instead of to a police station seems questionable enough to be probed by defense counsel. 

Source:, “Man accused of kidnapping woman from Hinckley casino parking lot“, Jan. 14, 2016

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