For people from all backgrounds, drunk driving charges can essentially destroy their life. For teen drivers in Minneapolis and those who are below the legal drinking age in Minnesota, drunk driving may lead to additional challenges, such as problems in school and an increased risk of passing away in an accident. According to the Federal Trade Commission, more than 1100 people who have not reached 21 pass away in traffic accidents which involve the underage consumption of alcohol.

The FTC also states that underage drivers are more likely to have their driving abilities impaired after consuming alcohol, in comparison to those who are over the age of 21. Teenagers may choose to operate a vehicle after consuming alcohol for many reasons, whether they are simply unaware of the dangers of drinking and driving, do not realize that they are intoxicated or succumb to pressure from their peers.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cited a survey which reports that ten percent of high school students over 16 admitted to driving under the influence in the past 30 days. While the number of teenage drunk driving incidents has declined in recent years, there are still millions of occurrences each month. Moreover, it is against the law for teens to drive with any alcohol in their system, as opposed to adults, who can drive with a blood alcohol content level below 0.08.

Those who are charged with drunk driving as a minor may face an array of setbacks and could lose their driving privileges. As a result, teens in this position and their parents may want to carefully review each course of action.

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