Jonathan Carver was and colonial writer and explorer from Boston who traveled across the United States and explored vast swaths of Wisconsin and Minnesota in 1776. He’s also the namesake of Minnesota’s metro-adjacent Carver County. The second-smallest county in Minnesota, Carver County is located on the southwest side of the Minneapolis-St.Paul metro area, with its western border is located just outside of Eden Prairie. Carver County stretches east beyond Hamburg and Hollywood, extends as far north to Watertown and as far south as the Minnesota River, just above Belle Plaine. Carver County itself hosts Chaska and Chanhassen, large suburban towns know for their excellent school systems and Paisley Park, late superstar Prince’s Chanhassen home and compound.


Carver County also boasts several charming small towns: Victoria, Waconia, Augusta, Norwood Young America, and Carver offer all the appeal of small town but are located within easy reach of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The county’s cozy size makes it an attractive area for families and people who are looking for the perfect blend of city and country, and it’s among the fastest growing of Minnesota’s counties, outside of Hennepin and Ramsey (homes to Minneapolis and St. Paul, respectively).


Carver County Fun Facts:


Total Population: 100,621

Number of Households: 36,418

Jobs in Carver County: 37,795

Median Age: 38

Median Household Income: $92,455

Median Home Value: $277,600

Median Rent: $976

Education Rates: 46% have a Bachelor’s or higher

Poverty Rate: 4.3%

Average Male Salary: $93,655

Average Female Salary: $59,433


Carver County crime risk is below the national average across the board. The most significant crime risks settle around rape and larceny, and the lowest-risk crimes in Carver County are robbery and assault. Overall, Minnesota’s Carver County ranks very low for crime risk both in Minnesota and nationally.


Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as an entirely crime-free county in Minnesota. While crime stats are very low in Carver County, both major and minor infractions still happen all the time, and not everyone is the victim. For those that find themselves on the wrong side of the law, it can be useful to understand what recourse is available and what to expect when it comes to working with a criminal defense attorney. The practice at the Law Office of John J. Leunig is entirely dedicated to criminal defense and litigation. John J. Leunig and Justin J. Duffy specialize in violent, federal, drug, sex, DUI, and theft crimes, and they’re passionate about vigorously defending every single client, regardless of the nature of the crime.


The attorneys at John J. Leunig support are also passionate about education, and believe in empowering clients with information, so those in need of representation can make the best choice possible when the time comes.


In the spirit of education, here are some important touchpoints for Carver County residents in need of a criminal defense attorney:


Violent crimes:


Violent crimes convictions often come with stiff penalties and lengthy prison sentences that only increase with the severity of the crime. Cases involving weapons charges are also likely to earn decades-long prison sentences. For this reason, it’s imperative that people charged with violent or weapons-related charges hire counsel with experience and skill in handling violent crime litigation.


Violent crime, as defined by Leunig Law, includes but is not limited to the following criminal activities: assault, aggravated assault, murder and manslaughter, homicide, criminal or vehicular homicide, domestic or sexual assault, kidnapping, robbery, weapons-related charges, criminal sexual conduct, violent or terroristic threats, carjacking, or criminal vehicular operation.


The attorneys at Leunig provide representation that is strategic and tailored to provide the best defense for Carver County clients charged with violent crimes. The firm will investigate and utilize forensic and ballistic reports, medical and autopsy evidence, fingerprints, and other crime scene evidence, in order to leverage a strong defense that will enable the client to fight any and all charges. Leunig attorneys will work with subject matter specialists when necessary, and will challenge admissibility of evidence where appropriate.


Drug crimes:


The attorneys at the The Law Office of John J. Leunig approach all drug crime charges aggressively and with the goal of getting charges dismissed or reduced. Drug crime cases are among the most harshly penalized offenses, and Leunig attorneys take drug cases very seriously.


There are a few types and levels of drug charges in the state of Minnesota and they include: drug manufacturing, drug sales and distribution, money laundering, drug-related wire fraud, and interstate transport of narcotics. All of these charges can be applied to possession of a wide variety of drugs. Drug crimes are classified in five categories, and convicted offenders are penalized at coinciding level of severity (with first-degree drug crimes ranking at the highest level of offense and fifth-degree crimes at the lowest).


If you are accused or under suspicion of a drug related crime, it is imperative that you seek counsel from an experienced drug crimes attorney before speaking to authorities. Drug crimes charges are extremely serious and should be handled by an aggressive, highly trained attorney skilled at negotiating drug cases.


Sex crimes and human trafficking:


Activities defined as sex crimes by federal and state courts are numerous and varied. The term sex crime refers to rape and sexual assault and all iterations thereof, as well as prostitution and human trafficking.


Violent sex crimes, sexual assault, internet sex crimes, and crimes of a sexual nature that involve minors generally come with stiff prison and probation sentences. On top of incarceration, people convicted of sex crimes are typically required to register as a sex offender both nationally and locally. The ramifications of sex offender registration extend far and wide, and often make it difficult for convicted sex offenders to find employment and housing.


Prostitution and human trafficking convictions are felony offenses that can be charged by either state or federal court, and convictions typically garner lengthy prison sentences. Human trafficking offenses apply to direct prostitution, the management illegal sex workers, aiding and abetting sex trafficking, and sharing profits gained from sex trafficking even without direct involvement.


The criminal defense lawyers at Leunig Law are committed to providing counsel and defense aimed at minimizing possible consequences and charges. Attorneys thoroughly investigate, prepare, and execute every trial, and aim for acquittal in every case.


DUI/DWI crimes:


DUI/DWI charges are notoriously expensive and come with serious penalties, even for first time offenders. Charges and penalties only increase for repeat offenders, and even refusal to submit to a breathalyzer comes with substantial repercussions.


At minimum, a DWI offense is considered a misdemeanor, and can come with sentences including: up to 90 days in jail, license revocation for three months to a year, and fines of up to $1000.


Severe DWI’s are considered gross misdemeanors. Determining factors in the level of severity include prior DWI convictions, high blood-alcohol test results, and prior license revocations. Gross misdemeanor charges increase DWI costs and penalties, and frequently include extended jail time.

It’s imperative to hire an criminal defense lawyer when faced with DUI or DWI charges. An experienced DWI attorney can often challenge DWI charges by examining police procedures, chemical test results, and field sobriety tests, and may be able to successfully reduce DWI penalties and sentencing.


Theft crimes:


Theft crimes including misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, and felony almost always come with a hefty price tag and can include prison sentencing. In cases of shoplifting, petty or grand larceny, auto theft, burglary, or robbery, charges will depend on the value of the stolen property or money. Convictions in theft crime cases are often very expensive, and it’s in the best interest of those charged with this type of crime to seek counsel and representation from lawyers experienced in theft crime litigation. The attorneys are Leunig Law have experience representing clients charged with all level of theft crime, and approach every case with tenacity and skill.


Theft crimes like fraud and embezzlement are considered white collar crimes and can be tried at a federal level, depending on the specifics of the case. It’s imperative that anyone facing white collar crime charges hire a lawyer with experience handling theft charges at the federal level. Federal cases are tried differently than state charges and come with a different set of deadlines and rules. Leunig attorneys have extensive experience defending clients at the federal level, and handle white collar cases aggressively and with the expertise required to achieve acquittal, dismissal, or a reduction in sentencing.


The attorneys at the Law Office of John J. Leunig are expert criminal defense lawyers dedicated to serving those facing criminal charges in Carver County. John J. Leunig and Justin J. Duffy approach every single case with skill and unparalleled tenacity, and relentlessly pursue justice on behalf of each and every client.


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