Hockey season is ready to start, with the Minnesota Wild already playing several preseason games. If you Google “NHL hockey” or “Blackhawks” some of the headlines have nothing to do with the results of the varying matchups.

Patrick Kane is the star forward for the State of Hockey’s rival team, but he is fighting a different fight. He is currently working to defend himself against some serious accusations that he physically assaulted a woman. The case remains pending, but much of the recent discussions focus on a particular bag of evidence.

Under very unusual circumstances, the mother of the woman claimed that she found an evidence bag on her back doorstep. When authorities pieced together the mother’s actions, they claimed that the bag potentially could have been on the doorstep up to a couple of days.

The woman’s attorney claims that the bag itself is marked as evidence, a rape kit that was supposed to have come from the investigating police department. There is a local agency responsible for keeping the evidence secure in criminal cases. The agency head reported that no evidence is missing.

The bag exists, but the lack of clarity over the chain of custody and validity is at issue. The woman’s attorney asked for a federal investigation suspecting evidence tampering. Kane’s attorney supported an investigation, but for different reasons.

The defense attorney said that the DNA results support Kane’s case, adding, “only someone who is unhappy with the DNA results would have a motivation to claim that it’s compromised.”

Physical evidence is crucial in criminal cases. In a “he said, she said” type of sexual assault case, any physical evidence can be very persuasive for jurors, which only adds to the seriousness of this issue.

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