DWI: Loss of Driving Privileges

The laws surrounding DWI’s and the related driver’s license revocations are ever changing and evolving in Minnesota. One recent change implemented by the Minnesota legislature affects what driving privileges can be suspended as a result of a DWI.

For first time DWI offenders, it used to be that they would only be facing the loss of driving privileges related to the class of vehicle that they were operating at the time of the offense. For example, if a first time offender had a DWI while operating a car, then they were at risk of losing their standard motor vehicle driving privileges for a period of time. Or, if a first time offender was operating a boat at the time of a DWI offense, then they were at risk of losing their boating privileges, but not their standard motor vehicle driving privileges.

But under the new laws, a first time offender who receives a DWI in a car is also at risk of losing their boating privileges and other operating privileges. This significant change in the law makes it all the more important to leave no stone unturned in challenging any DWI case that a person may be facing. Consulting with an experienced criminal defense lawyer is the first step in protecting your rights.

Attorneys John J. Leunig and Justin J. Duffy have vast experience handling DWI cases, including cases that resulted in acquittals at trial, dismissals prior to trial, and have successfully overturned DWI convictions on appeal. If you or a loved one are facing charges for a criminal offense, call the criminal defense attorneys at The Law Office of John Leunig, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 952-540-6800 for a free consultation.

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