Ignition Interlock is a program that allows Minnesota motorists whose driving privileges have been revoked due to a driving while impaired (DWI) offense to legally drive during the license revocation period. All Minnesota DWI offenders have the option to regain driving privileges by having ignition interlock installed in their vehicle, however only some are required to participate in the program in order to legally drive during their revocation period.

An ignition interlock is a device installed under the vehicle dashboard and connected to the starter. For a person to start a vehicle they must blow into the device. The device measures a person’s blood alcohol concentration through their breath sample. The device must record an alcohol concentration level below the pre- set level of 0.02 before the vehicle will start. The device is also designed to collect random breath samples while the vehicle is being driven, which are referred to as rolling re-tests.

The length of time a participant must be on the ignition interlock device program depends on the circumstances of the offense, number of prior offenses on the driving record and the length of time the participant has lost their driving privilege. This time period may be extended for any additional ignition interlock violations.

Participation in the ignition interlock program can potentially be avoided by challenging your DWI arrest and subsequent driver’s license revocation in court.

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