If you are convicted of a sex crime in Minnesota, and you have completed your prison sentence, one of your main concerns may be securing a home and a place to work so you can begin your life again. However, some state laws may affect your freedom after you reenter society, even though you have paid your debt. According to the Grand Forks Herald, where in the state you are allowed to live may become more limited soon because of newly proposed legislation that would increase housing restrictions on level three sex offenders.

There is often assistance available for those who have been convicted of a sex crime. Where you live may affect your ability to take advantage of available resources, but unfortunately, access to programs and treatment is not one of the criteria lawmakers are considering. Rather, the new law would allow cities to pass ordinances making homes near parks and other places where children gather off limits to level three offenders, even though this may cut you off from the services designed to help you succeed.

Minneapolis would become particularly difficult to find a home in under the new law because of the number and location of parks. Experts gauge that only about 5 percent of housing in Minneapolis would meet criteria. Your options in St. Paul would be even more limited, with approximately 3 percent of the homes in locations that would be available to level three sex offenders. Some experts believe this law is likely to cause undue hardship, and should not be allowed to pass. 

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