For those accused of an offense that is sexual in nature, a number of difficulties may lie ahead. In Minneapolis, and cities across the entire state of Minnesota, these offenses carry a stigma that can affect those facing charges in various ways. For example, someone charged with sexual assault may struggle to share their side of the story in court, suffer permanent damage to their reputation or be unable to find work years down the road, even if they were completely innocent.

A 54-year-old college instructor from Minneapolis was recently apprehended over allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman. The instructor, who has been teaching law at a school based in Italy since 2006, is also accused of stalking the woman. A court appearance has been scheduled and the man is behind bars at this time.

The instructor, who has known the woman he is accused of assaulting since 2014, was also in a relationship with her for a number of months. However, the woman claims that he raped her after they had broken up. A legal professional representing the man accused of sexual assault claims that the woman has failed to provide evidence to back up her allegations.

When someone is wrongfully charged with a sex crime, it is pivotal for them to understand all of their options and address their circumstances carefully. Unfortunately, some people struggle with handling these accusations, especially if they are not familiar with the law. As a result, consulting an attorney who knows how to work through these cases could help.

Source: StarTribune, “U Law School prof charged with sex assault, stalking,” Brandon Stahl and Paul Walsh, Feb. 22, 2017

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